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Day 1 with DSL

I downloaded DSL at the office today and burned the bootable CD on my antique Dell computers. I booted DSL and loaded it all into RAM.. dang, even on my PII 366 that puppy was QUICK.

Loving this already and wanting extensions I sent my lovely assistant ( the company owner actually ) to get me a 1GB USB stick. They didn't carry them so she got me a 512M stick.

Took all my toys home and plugged in the memory stick into the antique ( PII 400 ) Dell Laptop and lit it off.

Problem #1 I want /home to be on the USB stick.. hmmm hack or post to the DSL site ?

Problem #2 Maybe put the whole shebang on the USB stick and save all my data there but I'd have to boot into WinBlow$ first ..

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