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Why I love DSL...

I am a middleage white guy loner. For me, loner is a lifestyle choice, not a personal problem. Having said that, this is why I love DSL. for a few years I have been trying to learn Linux by my self. I can install and run the various flavors I have tried. (probably about 25 different distros) But I have never been able to install a program. When I found DSL and learned about MyDSL, I was hooked. I installed it to hard drive on an old 500MHZ 500MB box I had sitting in my basement and use it all the time. I read an article a while back by some guy like me and he stated that until program install was as easy as Windows, linux would never be "mainstream" I can't remember where I saw it, or who he was, but I sure as heck would recomend DSL to him. When DSL got to 1.4 I sent a small donation to project. I am now using 2.0 and am overdue to send another small $$.

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