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Please feel free to peruse / browse the documentation project pages and comment / reply to posts to add relevant information. This will then be taken out of 'comment' form and added to the book to make it more complete and edited for context, if the information is relevant/accurate.

Thanks for being a great community, DSL users!

tronik @ #damnsmalllinux

DC404 - Atlanta Security Group

i attended the first dc404 (defcon) of the new year ('05) today and it was great. even got a couple people interested in DSL. Gave some CDs away and attempted to put DSL on some peoples usb-keys but ;p there were networking problems beyond our control.

Its Official! first blog post and i only really have one thing to say, DSL takes up way too much of my free time.

but isn't that a good thing...

the verdict is still out on that one.

didn't the Title sound official! i tricked yewww
everyone should upgrade to 0.9.2 ;\ and tell your friends to upgrade because we still see people with like 0.7.x CRAZY.

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