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DSL Intro

I am a Windows orphan... a laptop that once ran on 95, once my Pentium 1 and 64mb RAM was top of the range, but now, nobody wants to know me.

In an attempt to obtain Nirvana, I sat under a google space and I saw flashing lights. One of it said Damn Small Linux.

My last straw at reincarnation. I downloaded the .iso and booted on my CD. It's so unfair... others have fancy windows and my is a poor Dos like interface. What have I done wrong.

Not quite weaned from Windows, I did one thing I knew...I pressed Enter. The machine started flinging words and numbers at me... and then it started autoconfiguing my hardware... I had my CD, my floppy, my pcmcia slot with a Socket Ethernet card... and then the autoconfiguration stopped.

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