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No more a newbie (just stupid sometimes)

Just read a blog by tronic (Linux is fragmented, and will never be BIG as MS because of the chaos it creates with all its live-cd's and distro's).

Guess he's wrong.

Linux is BIG now and strong just because of that diversity. Linux will be weak when one BIG Linux-corporation will "kill" all the other distro's and replace it with one flavour of pizza. I don't understand all the hate that linux/MS -users have for each other. I use MS and DSL (red hat/suse/mandrake/lycoris.... etc,. etc..) on my pc's and for now i do my banking/administration with MS. (because Linux will not do this for me, OR i am not clever enough to figure it out OR i am a busy parent who hasn't got the time to figure it out OR my family doesn't want to see a strange GUI on the desktop OR ........)

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