0.d - Fixing a Corrupted ISO Download

So, you downloaded the ISO image, md5summed, and the checksums didn't match.

But it took you all night to download it, and you don't want to have to start from scratch, do you?

Well you don't have to! And I'll tell you how! reguardless of the OS you are running!

Note: this method works, no matter how the image is messed up. Even if you only got 41mb from one of the mirrors, and then the server died.

What you need:
1. the messed up ISO image
2. internet connection
3. Any bittorrent client (bittorrent-gui, bittorrent-cli, or ctorrent from the repository will be GREAT)

How to do it:
1. Connect to the internet.
2. Head over to our Bittorrent Mirror.
3. Download the .torrent file for the latest iso (if a new version just came out, it may take a day or three to show up onto the BT mirror)
4. Start bittorrent and tell it to save ti the same folder that the messed up iso is in.
5. Wait untill BT says "Download Sucessfull!"

You corrupt ISO is now Fixed!