DSL Documentation Project

Welcome to the Legacy Documentation Project!!

***NEW FOR AUGUST 2005***

This system has been antiquated. Please use the DSL Wiki at http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki


***NEW FOR JULY 2005***

New Submission Policy

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Clivesay has made some GREAT Docs in PDF form!

Check them out at http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/damnsmall/current/pdfdocs/!!!

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This book, document, collection, whatever, covers the installation and day to day use of DSL.

If you're new to DSL perhaps you should check out the preface to get aquainted with our distribution.

This is a work in progress and is the work of several individuals.

Many sections do not yet exist and some of those that do exist more than likely need to be updated.

Just click the title above to browse around!

Have fun!

Just remember, this is not a place for discussion. Comments made here should be either corrections, info to add in, or updates. No suggestions. If you have a suggestion, post it in the forums.

Comments that don't fit will be deleted as I find them.


# - Recent Updates

## - Newly Submitted

0 - Introduction

0.# - Frequently Asked Questions (and short answers)

0.a - Introduction to Damn Small Linux

0.b - Getting DSL from the 'net

0.c - Getting DSL by other means

0.d - Fixing a Corrupted ISO Download

0.z - Disclaimer

1 - Booting DSL

1.# - Minimum Hardware Requirements

1.a - Your BIOS and U(SB) (Before you begin)

1.b - Installing GRUB (or removing L99 99 99 .. )

1.e - Language Support

2 - Installation

2.# - System Requirements for DSL

2.a - Burning a Bootable CD

2.b - Installing DSL to the Hard Disk

2.c.1 - Floppy Only Install (No Netcard, Linux only)

2.c.2 - Floppy Install (No Netcard, Windows Required)

2.d - Floppy Only Install with Netcard (Poormans Install)

2.e - Setting the Proper Geometry on your USB Pendrive

2.f - Imprinting Bootable Images to USB Devices (Windows)

2.g - Booting DSL from a Zip Drive

2.h - Using an emulator and DSL (dsl-embedded)

2.i - LOADLIN install

3 - MyDSL Extensions

3.# - About Extension Types

3.a - Installing Extensions

3.b - Creating Extensions

3.b.1 - Creating a UCI Extension

3.b.2 - Creating a *.tar.gz Extension from Source

3.c - Making A Custom MyDSL cdrom

4 - Hardware

4.a - Networking

4.a.1 - Wireless Card Compatibility

4.f - Misc. Hardware

4.f.1 - Enable Joypad Support

5 - Software

5.a - Window Managers

5.a.1 - Fluxbox

5.a.1.1 - Adding or Changing Icons

5.b - Using DPKG (apt-get)

5.b.1 - Enabling Apt

8 - Using DSL

8.a - Common utilities and programs

8.a.1 - Using 'script'

8.a.2 - Timezones

8.b - Remastering DSL

8.c - Creating a larger Virtual HDD (Embed)

8.d - Using DSL Behind a Proxy Server

8.f - Printing with DSL

9 - Getting Help (the DSL Forums)

9.a - Before you post (READ THIS FIRST)

9.b - The DSL IRC Channel