gotta change my distro

For the last three years I've used SuSE Linux as my crutch, since it makes some annoying configurations very easy....winmodems are supported out of the box, YaST is a very easy GUI configuration tool for most systems files...

but I ran into something tonight that really made me angry. I have been installing gimp from source for the last couple of years without trouble, but with the latest 2.2.2 things went bad. When the configure told me I had to upgrade glib I thought that was reasonable, so I did....then tried upgrading gimp again. I was told to upgrade glib. Hmmm...I just did that. I checked my pkgconfig path, and found it included packages installed both from packages and source. Just to make sure I also installed glib with prefix=/usr, so my packaged glib was also overwritten. Still gimp tells me I have to upgrade glib. I tried to install the latest pango and atk, failing because they want the glib that I have just installed 4 times, followed by ldconfig and a reboot.

I should mention that this is after attempting a system update through YaST....I did a package update, which mentioned nothing about gtk, so it was followed by a system update. The system update immediately began installing multiple KDE applications which were never on my system to begin with, and had no vital impact on the I quit the update.

This made me really begin to think about why I have been using this operatng system....I decided that it was only because I was lazy.
I'm looking for a better distro.

/* Edit

well, I feel really stupid now.....

My PKG_CONFIG_PATH had /usr/lib/pkgconfig in front of /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig, so all the gtk apps I just installed were not being found before the ones previously installed....

So I'm gonna go sit in the corner and hope no one reads this.... */

/* Edit 2
I don't feel like such a stupid now...It really did take a lot of work to install gimp 2.2.2, even on a system which already had a decent amount of dev packages installed. I had to upgrade glib, gtk, pango, and atk just to install gimp and then after the installation, gimp wouldn't run until I had upgraded libfreetype. So I guess gimp2.2.2 is a pretty demanding beast,