Almost lost me.

I have been fooling around with Kanotix BHX lately and I really like it. It runs well, has a decent install feature, and includes a bunch of great progs.The hardware detection is awesome. So yesterday a friend asked me if I could "fix" his box and I jumped at the chance to try it (BHX) on his newer hardware. After several attempts to do a hd install and screwing up the mbr and partitions (don't ask me how) i gave up. He didn't care because XP put his 'puter out of commision a long time ago anyway. I popped out the trusty biz card from my wallet and it booted up and installed no problem.

How could I think of blowing Damn Small off like that? Forgive me for thinking another distro could take the place of DSL as my linux showboat of choice. I will continue to introduce others to the wonderful world of GNU/Linux via DSL.