8.c - Creating a larger Virtual HDD (Embed)

(Posted by roberts in the forums)

I do not use the qemu-img program. Instead I do everything from DSL.
To make the pseudo harddrisk I used the following 2 steps from DSL.

dd of=harddisk bs=1024 seek=60000 count=0

mke2fs harddisk ( ignore the warning and proceed )

There are files on the default 60MB harddisk. The backup.tar.gz is there.
Since qemu is a "known" virtual machine, it has a pre-made backup.tar.gz on hdb The sound blaster modprobe is in the opt/bootlocal.sh.

If you make a larger pseduo harddisk, with a different name of course, then mount both the 60MB and your new one.

Something like this:

mkdir /mnt/test2

mount harddisk /mnt/test -o loop
mount newdrive /mnt/test2 -o loop

Then copy over the backup.tar.gz.

cp /mnt/test/backup.tar.gz /mnt/test2
umount /mnt/test
umount /mnt/test2

Then you can delete the 60MB one, rename the larger one to harddisk and you should be good to go.