The most useful CD I own...

I've been hooked on Damn Small for quite a while, since shortly after I first started playing around with Linux. (I remember the 0.7.x days pretty well, when my friend and I were trying to get an old 486 working...) I've used a lot of systems, I even maintain my own, but none has ever been more useful than Damn Small.

I tend to use it a lot because (1) it's cool, (2) it's easy to download and burn, and (3) it's the only live CD that ever works on any of my systems. I've actually taken to carrying around two DSL CD's lately, they're that useful.

Well, earlier today I was working on trying to get a Web site working for someone I know, using Macromedia DreamWeaver. (Just wait, the good part comes later!) It was working just fine in M$IE, but Netscape and Firefox couldn't seem to get it right. Since I didn't have her password for her original server - I was working from a local copy of it - I figured the hell with it and set up everyone's favorite mini-distro with Monkey and BetaFTP on another machine in the room, and a third box had the other CD with Firefox running.

Anyway, I fixed the problem, and discovered just how useful Damn Small really is. The fact that it includes not only desktop apps but a full-featured server is just amazing, and that it can work on so many systems is even better. Thanks for making such a great system!

[By the way, I also discovered the convenient printing support - absolutely wonderful output with an old HP LaserJet 4, even better than on Windows 98 on the same machine. Very useful indeed.]