Linux Multi-boot CD attempt - How do I change all refs to the file "KNOPPIX" to "KNOPPIY"

Hi, I am Attempting to create a multiboot CD with a few different Linux OS's on it, for an emergency kit... Many of them have KNOPPIX folder with, boot.img, KNOPPIX (no extension), how do I edit DSL so the KNOPPIX folder will work as KNOPPI1 so it would allow for more than one knoppix based OS on the CD, ive tried HexEditing boot.img, and renamed KNOPPIX to KNOPPI1 on all of those strings, and renamed the KNOPPIX file in KNOPPI1 to KNOPPI1, but nothing seems to work, it can't find the KNOPPIX filesystem :( Does anyone know how i could get this to work? i use MagicISO to apply the boot image.