Phase 2

Through no fault of my own, I recently re-aquired my old laptop. It's an Ultra Pentium P3 500 with 128 megs of ram. I had it for about a year and then I replaced it and issued it to the receiving department. It lived there for another three years before that fateful day when I got the call. Originally I had upgraded to 256 but the cheap stick of ram I bought from TigerDirect took a dump and that's how I ended up with this thing back. Pronounced dead at the office I disposed of it at my place. along with the ram issue, Win98 was suffering horrible bit rot. (besides, it was Win98!)

I tried a couple of heavier installs like Debian and CentOS but the poor thing just couldn't cut it. I even gave PCLinuxOS a shot but it just wouldn't talk to my WaveLan.(I don't know what that was all about. It's a WaveLan for crying out loud!) And what good is a laptop without wireless? So, I downloaded DSL 2.1. Most excellent! I love the improvements. I will use this one for a while. This makes a NICE machine!