myDSL wireless ad-hoc network project

i'm gonna put together a DSL wireless as-hoc network. been wanting to do this for a while, and now is the time.i'm going to network 3 machines, may even try samba with my winblows box later. my 3 machines are as follows;

1- Desktop 850mhz duron, 256mb ram, 160gb hd, dualbooting w2k and DSL liveCD

2- Desktop 350mhz K-6, 64mb ram, 8gb hd, booting DSL hd install

3- Laptop 400mhz celeron, 192mb ram, 10gb hd, booting DSL frugal

3 different machines, 3 different installs...should be interesting, or impossible, we will see.

will try and keep the blog updated, no promises though........