HY! i m a french canadian ...from QUEBEC my web site http://www.quebec666.com
i have found and old celeron 600mhz in the trash :)
and after installing win98 on it i have decide to make experiment and trying to install linux...i had downloaded a lot of live-cd some were nice, and others did work at all on my old and small celeron :(
and some day i have found DSL ...WOW it so fast... so lite...impressive...
thanx to DSL live-cd i have learn a lot about linux.
so i decided to install it on the hard drive 4gig :P it work much faster that way...i had no detection problems.no install problems.and no internet connetion problems.so it work smooth.i have installed apache web server
and pure-ftpd ftp server.and running my own website.
on a trash CPU :P so cool....thanx to DSL team. your hot ! keep DSL lite and fast..
running DSL on celeron 600MHZ RAM 192MB CD-rom network card 4 gig hard-drive
all this for free :P
thanxs again...DSL RULES