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DSL 4.0  install On Compaq 1540 DM
Did it with the help from this forum

Hard drive access
From USB bootable 4.4.9

The Future
continuing from the future of DSL

wmpinboard out of the tray<Tray  x="-1" y="-28&
after loading an optional extension

so far

hockeyrink/saddle cds
getting harder to find??

Book Errata
Official Damn Small Linux Book Errata

DSL/Linux makes cents (sense)
DSL works as advertised

Sent new extension

Typing non-English characters in DSL
Have US keyboard, will travel...

Where is everybody?
Get posting

Google Gears

how large is backup.tar.gz
does size really matter

Your Favorite MyDSL Extensions

Frugal re-install

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original here.