X and Fluxbox

No more background picture and icons

hosed fluxbox with upgrade attempt
need help sorting out the mess

Dock Apps? in DSL1.0 Pentium100
Info on the System Tools

Wallpaper problem...
It doesn't last after reboot.

Change Desktop Background DSL 4.0
Desktop DSL 4.0

su -l

How to get rid of bottom bar?

Mount and Options menu dissapears
Switching WMs messes up right click menu

How do i edit XFree86 for 1440x900

it' work?

No Screen Found
How to force find usb-to-vga device??

xorg7.2 and glibc 2.4
i need glibc 2.4 to use touchscreen??

Mouse Double Click Speed

and/or gcc for dsl-n

install wallpaper ( my jpg image)
how do I use a pic which I saved to hdd

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