DSL Embedded

time is wrong, despite time zone set via tzconfig
always boots with the wrong time

starting ssh upon boot
how can I start sshd upon QEMU boot?

Permission denied
i get permission denied when moving file

Running Embedded in Linux.
I miss this feature.

how to get embedded to work

syslinux G: Reading boot sector: Falscher Paramete

small problem: MS-DOS window does not go away
dsl-vhd.bat seems right, but...

DirectFB-0.9.22 on USB flashpen

Kqemu on embedded/USB?

Unable to put atheros-chpst card in ad-hoc mode

Help ! Apt get

Doesn't Recognize "Make",
How to install downloaded Programs?

GPL emulator

Configuring for Persistence
On a separate partition

Writing back to the USB stick
you've booted from... difficult...

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