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ps2 keyboard and mouse
Help with KVM swtich setup

Low Power Consumption Mini-ITX

Trackpad and DSL.
double click working/not working

Bargain Fanless Mini-ITX BareBones PC in DSL-store

PentiumII + PW-70 powersupply?

11yr old laptop
How to install DSL to a 60 MHz laptop

Mouse & Frequency problem - HELP PLEASE

Video Noise

wireless keyboard

usb flash drive? yeah mine's kinda dead.

iPAQ Sub-100 Destop -- You pick any distro
$74.99 -- With your choice of Linux dist

Sony CLI??
can you get DSL to work on the CLI.

Via Chipset Mini ITX PCMCIA Issue
No Ident/Vendor Info in PCMCIA TOOL

Fanless, Ventless case

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