DSL Tips and Tricks

Frugal Installation from Live CD

Simple procedure

Preparation for starting Linux (from Windows)

swapfile on ext2
a quick how to

1)Keyboard layout 2)Cd-rom, Floppy, USB mount
Change keyboard layout and mount devices

Autotools fun
./configure speedy

How to install DSL to the hard drive
This is the procedure that worked for me

Memory saving ideas
Getting rid of bash instances

Vim tips

modprobe: Can't locate module sound-service-1-0
How to remove error.

DSL hard drive install 'improvement' ideas
security, updating, etc.

customizing murgaLua
env variable: LUA_INIT

CDrom ?
need help

Desktop, screensaver and pcmcia-cs upgrade (4.2.5)

Exit and backup checkbox
howto uncheck it

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