mplayer-1.0pre8cvs.uci with alsa
doesn't seem 2 work

ALSA Drivers
No Volume controls working

Audacity: SEgmentation fault.
Opening MP3.

Installing ALSA; mydsl versus apt-get
difficulty working out how to get sound


ogg123 device mystery
ogg123 sound device always fails

sync issues and crash

after installing extensions , mpg video amesses up

Digital Photo Frame Project to rip
is not produceing anything

Dell latidute cpi
Sound driver

video blogging and DSL HFS+ hard drive mounting
video on DSL and seeing my HFS+ HD

Motion and green image ?
Motion with support of Philips Webcam

mplayer.dsl  launch fails on DSL 2.1b
go back to earlier DSL version?

Audacity  recording device
/dev/dsp, who, what, when, where?

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