How to make WVDIAL disconnect from script..?

help,please!dsl don't recognise e1000.o

How do i connect to my preferred wireless network?
Script? file editing?

can't connect to my router

atmel in 2.4.31
works on 2.4.26

Conceptronic c54ru rt73 chip id 14b2:3c22
works with ndiswrapper

usb wifi Erize

eRize ERZ-WL-USBRSMA stick
eRize ERZ-WL-USBRSMA stick

DSL as USB server?
Is this possible?

Marvell 88w8335
works with ndiswrapper using the xp driv

ASUS WL-138g 802.11g
works with ndiswrapper using the xp driv

Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5212 802.11abg NIC
Card Work "Out of the Box"

not working

Problems using samba to share printers
cups and samba

will this run under dsl y/n & how to pls

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