User Feedback :: Upgrade from 3.4 to 4.1

Argh!  My upgrade from 3.4 to 4.1 has been most frustrating.  If you plug in your USB drive and boot the 4.1 CD you end up at a blank screen with no icons at all!

In the end I had to go to an Ubunto machine and get the sylphid and firefox dir out of the backup tar and copy them to a new USB drive and start over.  I've now got my setting for both of those programs and the icons now show up on the desktop.  With a totally blank desktop 4.1 is a pain to try and use.

I really really miss the control box that used to live in the lower right corner for mounting my USB and HDisk partitions.  It was both a control and a visual feed back as to what was active.  some kind of visual mount status would be nice.

I could not figure out how to fix the clock to show the date; so ended up switching the WM just to get the date display back.  

So far, I just don't like it.  Ver 3.4 was much nicer to use.  So far I don't see anything added that's better.  It's just more frustration to do things now.


It could've been helpful to look at what's different (default wm, drag and drop style via dfm, mounting, how to use things, etc) and how to do upgrade (ie release notes, norestore, etc).
If you still plan on trying it out, you could do so and re-evaluate.

They are different operating systems, kernel, modules, wm, icons, filemgr. Just copying over a file to two, or restoring a backup from a different operating system one would expect problems.

Read the original posts. Do a backup of only your personal files to be used on the new system. If you have not updated your extensions in a long time, you may need to re-download to get updated ones with icons for 4.x.

You can always choose to stay with 3.x.

I guess I'm stupid as I don't know where all this stuff is I'm supoosed to have consulted.  

My 4.1 is still not working right.  I've got no tray icons and people keep talking about them on the board here.  I can see them only if I jerk the usb and reboot.

I would really like to see some ugrade howto info.  What I ended up doing did not seem to work quite right.

All my personal data is on my USB drive.

The system auto backs up when I shutdown.

I don't use hard drives.  With a 1 gig USB I really don't need a HD.  All my data fits in the palm of my hand.  

DSL appeals to me as I can move from hardware to hardware and keep my OS a constanst and still have full access to my data.  I move around.  Many computer boxes, one OS.  It beats lugging a laptop around.  Laptops are like black holes; they seem to grow and gain mass with time.

Your upgrade info may not apply to me.

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