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Well I thought I would post a little message that im still using DSL on my Panasonic Toughbook CF-25. Specs on my laptop are pretty bad Pentium 233 with MMX, 96 megs of ram, 4 gig Hard Drive and a 1 meg videocard. Ive tried many distros. Most don't boot on my old hardware including tinycore. Puppy Boots but is very slow and installation takes about 3 hours :(. Ubuntu forget it **CRASH** Xubuntu **crash** Mint Linux **Crash** Knoppix **CRASH** . Now I did get Zenwalk fully installed and everything worked however it was very slow.  Right now I have DSL Dual Booting with Win98 it seems to be my best combo for speed. Both systems are out of date but so is the laptop im using. I do get comments from time to time that My toughbook is the neatest thing people have seen LOL if they only knew.
lol a post!!!

I'm pretty much in the same boat, I've got a really old laptop that is still in great shape, and I don't want to just through it away, but the only distro that runs is DSL(there are a few others, but none as nice). It is unfortunate that the mirrors are disappearing though, I wish Paul would just come back with an update and/or a new mirror, or even a post on these forums, even though I only check them ~once a month. Its very sad to see a distro like this die, it had a lot of time in the top 100 and even top 10 on distro watch, and then one day it just died.

I understand that many people have jumped ship to tinycore, but that OS just doesn't quite feel right to me, not to mention that it is missing a lot of drivers to run on my nice old lappy. I only wish that the situation had been dealt with a bit better between Paul and Robert, this probably could have been the best distro out there.

Anyway, lets keep soldiering on! lol

Hi Guys,

Glad yourBBS software still remembered me. ;^)

I'm typing this on a Dolch lunch-box style computer with a Pentium-MMX @ 233 MHz. Right now it has only 65MB RAM and would top out at 192 MB, if I could figure out what kind it is. The CMOS battery needs replacing, but I think it wasn't the easy top out kind. This is a cross between a laptop and a desktop computer. The CD drive is the slim kind and the 13 GB hard drive is the laptop size, too.

However, this LCD is the old style, so I don't know a case modder that would be able to upgrade it here in Reno, NV. Yeah, I even have 4 AT cases here to pass on, one even has a motherboard that can go up to 1.5 GB PC100 RAM, and Puppy couldn't boot on that either. I was thinking of putting Atom mini boards in them, but I don't have room or the cash these days.

At least DSL is still here and I'm glad I kept my Live CDs for it.

Good luck,
Joan in Reno

Still using it :) I did move up to version 4.4 last night. although I like fluxbox better just feels nicer. however its showing that my system is using less resources with 4.4 so I think I will use it for a while.
Quote (emusan @ April 20 2011,04:08)
I only wish that the situation had been dealt with a bit better between Paul and Robert

what happened between paul and robert to make them stop loving dsl?  did someone put their dick in someone else's grandmas butt??
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