X and Fluxbox :: 6V bicycle

Hey folks...its me again
its not beryl, not 3ddesk and not ndiswrapper this time...
its wbar...thats a toolbar making your PC look a bit like OsX
But the thing is that the only download i can find is .tbz2
and i have no clue how to open a tbz2 :-O
any utils there? or comilement help?
Anything that could help...i'd appreciate it =]
Oh and also is there a theme for gtk which looks like X? and how could i get it?

- You open a tbz2 with tar -xjvf file.tbz2
- It needs imlib2, so get that first
- gtk theme that looks like X? Do you mean OSX?
Not sure about gtk1, but there are too many OSX GTK2 themes on gnome-look.org

wow =] hey that sounds optimistic...quite good

I will get the lib and try it and give feedback than thank you already.
Also yes i did mean osx...to enable it on gtk2 what do i need? Is gtk-theme-swiche from the repo enough?
And obviously gtk2-xxxx

Yey...i think i just compiled/installed Imlib2 ^^
quite proud of myself
now its time for wbar =]

All right, i compiled and installed both packages as the "Readme"'s told be to.
There was a thing that didn't work and that was the step in wbar:

make config

it just said there is no rule for that and STOP
quite strange...there was no config file anyway so i just continued and had to relize that it didnt work as it claimed that it couldn't find libimlib2.so.1 in shared library
but when i searched it i found it in the library :rock:
I recon that means i have to install imlib2 dev's aswell right?

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