X and Fluxbox :: Display Color Issue - IBM TP 600E  2646

Hello Everybody

I am a Linux newbie and has been enchanted  by DSL since last couple of days. I have spent hours after hours exploring DSL and its oppertunities.

I have fixed almost all of my configuration issues except one.
I am facing issue with my Display on my old laptop.

Laptop Details:
IBM 600E 2646 (4BU)
RAM 96 MB :(
Display Chipset: NeoGraphic [MagicMedia 256AV] (Detected

Problem: Red & Blue color shades are swapped. The resolution and quality is acceptable. But the color seems to be odd.
Do I need to install any specific drivers or change some settings?

Please guide me in getting through this.
Thanks in advance.

The usual question - have you tried Xfbdev yet? Or 16-bit depth on Xvesa?

Select Xsetup from the control panel to change these, and then restart X (ctrl-alt-backspace, "startx")

So silly of me... :D
I never changed the depth always tried to change the resolution.
Thanks a lot for quick response.
I never thought world outside windows is so exciting.
Enjoying DSL !!!

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