Other Help Topics :: Inability to use myspace and hotmail

I installed DSL on an old laptop for the use of the daughter of friends. I'm sorry, I don't remember what version. I installed the Opera browser. The girl used Opera to access myspace and hotmail.

Now, her mother's emailed me saying that the daughter can't access either of those things anymore.

I asked the mother whether she could use Opera to access other sites. I'm told yes.

I asked the mother whether she could access myspace and hotmail on another computer. I'm told yes.

Can anyone give me some idea of what to check to find out why access to myspace and hotmail has been lost?

Thanks for reading this.

Probably requires java - Install the jre uci extension.

I have a feeling that movies etc on MySpace may also require Flash9, which iirc can only be got to work unreliably on dsl.

Thanks for your reply, WDef.

I'll try to find out whether java's installed.

What's strange, though, is that all USED TO work. It just stopped recently.

Thanks again.

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