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I am using DSL as a kind of router -- more of a packet-forwarding device -- on a very private networking system to connect one network IP scheme to another. Tweaking the bootlocal.sh configures my NICs and starts the forwarding but I have to log in to get it to start.

Is there a way of starting the networking, etc without doing the log in?

The reason I ask is that if we lose power and the "router" goes down, I would like the "router" to come back up when the power is restored and me not having to hoof to it to log in.

FYI: this "router" is a Wyse WinTerm with DSL installed and a 3Com NIC added. I love DSL and have ordered the book hoping that it will have information on this.

Further developments: when it boots, it uses the proscribed IP addresses for about 26 seconds then loses them. Most peculiar. Then I log in as "dsl" and the NICs are up and running again. Weird.
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I tried copying the /etc/inittab file from a CD-ROM-booted version of DSL since it logs into itself as user dsl when you boot from the CD. I think I got tangled up in the ::respawn commands and ended up with a box that wouldn't boot at all. It sat stunned with a 'no more processes in init 5' message and no cursor. Toast time! So I'll try again tomorrow.

Thanks for the input. I eagerly await my book.

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