Other Help Topics :: DSL (or any other distro) on an IBM N2200???

I've been trying to get linux to boot on an IBM Thin Client N2200.

I found this on the internet:

"The IBM Netvista n2200 is a geode (mediagx) based
hardware designed for network boot.
It also has the option to boot locally from compact flash.
But this option is very restricted and very different to
the "normal" procedure on pc's.
The ns2200 bios can _only_ load and boot  a linux kernel
(only vmlinuz, no bzimage, no *bsd and others!) which
_must_ be located on the first partition (hd0) of the compact
flash card with the file name kernel.2200.
There is no way to define linux kernel parameters.
I know this sounds crazy but the facts are like this.
As you can imagine this restricts the possibilities
one could have with this nice hardware very much.
(grub boot menu, netbsd, freedos, ...)"

it is possible, in fact someone has made a basic distro (called Linux-2200) which is designed for this PC However it is very basic and not updated (I have tried it and it does work)

I wish to try DSL for starters but I don't know what I have to do to be able to boot it on the N2200

Can anyone help?


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