Printers :: Procedure for setting up the printer

Here is my procedure for setting up the printer from my web site at .

Printer Setup (1st printer)
 1. Make sure that the printer is on and properly connected to the computer.
 2. DSL Menu -> System -> Printing/lpd -> configure printer
 3. Accept the license, use the default owner and group values for spooldir, and overwrite existing entries.
 4. Select Printer Drive Selection
 5. Go through each of the printer types until you find your model of printer. When you find your model of printer, select it.
 6. Select the appropriate Interface Setup.
 7. Select the appropriate paper format (probably US letter)
 8. Print the test page to verify that the configurations are correct. If nothing prints, or if gibberish comes out, at least one of your configuration settings is incorrect.
 9. When the test page prints out correctly, select the option to install the printer with the values shown. Note that the name of the printer is "lp".
10. Select the option to finish the installation.
11. Go to DSL menu -> System -> Printer/lpd -> start
12. In a non-root shell, type "export PRINTER=lp".

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