Printers :: An help wanted on installing Canon LBP2900

I have read some tutorial and post, downloaded driver but library in dsl, also 4.4, are not installed or old.

libatk1        1.7.2    not installed
libc6 needed 2.3.2.dsl -21
libglib         2.6.0    not installed
libgtk2        2.6.0    not installed
libpango    1.8.1     not installed
cupsys                  not installed
gs-esp                   not installed
libcupsys2 1.1.23  not installed
libxml2        2.6.16  not installed

Canon 2900 Linux Driver

lsusb -v

iProduct                      Canon CAPT USB Device
bInterfaceClass          7  Printer
bInterfaceSubClass    1 Printer
bInterfaceProtocol      2  Bidirectional

original here.