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so my old notebook works now with DSL as a hdd install.

I've been connected to the internet via a dsl-router. There is another PC connected with the router and of course I can ping the ip address.
The other PC works with Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary and there is a Canon S750 printer connected, which works fine with turbo print.

What should I do, if I want to use the printer also with DSL over my small network?  



it is me once again. Now I have another PC in my network over the router - also with DSL on it. Still the same question, how can I use the printer on my ubuntu. Meanwhile the Ubuntu is on 7.10 and the printer is a Brother Laser HL-2030.

It is no problem to print on it from a laptop with WindowsXP like it is described here: - (sorry, some German)

So what about DSL?


You might want to try the cups extension..
You don't say if the printer is connected to the dsl machines or to the ubuntu machine...

You can use the dsl cups extensions to share the printer connected to a dsl machine and you could also use cups on the ubuntu machine to share the printer with the dsl machines. I use the dsl cups extension to share a printer with other dsl machines and windows machines

Sorry, the printer is connected to the ubuntu machine and cups is installed there.

What should I do on DSL to print: install dsl cups extensions or it is not necessary and there is a much more easier way to use the printer?

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