Apps :: updatedb : /usr/lib/locate/frcode not found


running updatedb (related to 'locate' usage) I receive error :

/usr/bin/updatedb: line 114: /usr/lib/locate/frcode: No such file or directory

In fact /usr/lib/locate is simply missing ... !?!

Thanks for any clue.

I can't tell you why updatedb is included in DSL, but it might be something unrelated to locate.
What i can say is that locate is not available in DSL base, but is available in the gnu-utils and findutils extensions.

Unfortunately both gnu-utils and findutils extensions were already installed before getting this problem.


Something went wrong on your end, apparently.  /usr/lib/locate/frcode is also part of gnu-utils.dsl

In findutils.uci, frcode is in /opt/findutils/libexec.  In that case the updatedb script in DSL will not work; you'll need to use /opt/findutils/bin/updatedb

Indeed /opt/findutils/bin/updatedb is present and (quite) work.

Indeed it seems that its options and/or setup are missing : I had to use '--output=/var/cache/locate/locatedb' when calling updatedb to obtain correct call to 'locate' program.


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