water cooler :: Where do we discuss the DSMs?

I was wonder has anybody bought any of those DSMs sold in the DSL store?

I have several questions, and was looking for a portion of this board to discuss those machines but didn't find one.

Which is better the USB or the on board flash card?
What is the boot time on one of those silent machines?
Can one request custom built OS, data base preconfrigured, web server preconfigured, etc?

Usb or compact flash - it's more of a question of security, would you like to take the OS with you. The speed is similar with both, though CF through ide might have a little edge.

For the rest of your questions, I can't comment, I haven't bought one of these..

No I don't intend to take it with me, What I need is to setup a point of sale using sqlite, the box needs to boot fast and shut down fast or stay idea with little or no burn factor. HD, Monitor, etc. I thought maybe one of these would do great.
I guess you should e-mail John, he keeps the store, and doesn't visit these forums too often.
Where do I find John's email address.
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