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Re my job, I got reassigned to a new workplace. So, I have about 5 more days of downtime to enjoy.

- Learning how to build uClibc toolchains manually -- Done!
- Try building xorg on uClibc -- Trying now
- DIY build of xorg on glibc -- Going to try

Very sad that nowadays, I hardly have time to do DSL-related stuff.

uClibc is very fun.

Just bought this new Benq T52WA monitor.
It is 15-inch widescreen.
The screen quality's very nice.
The build quality is OK but not awesome. It's black all-over including the buttons, except the greenish-yellow power LED. It looks pretty cool.

I need to manually set 1280x720 with "xrandr" in xorg.
(Autodetection gives 1280x960. Even with a 1280x720 modeline, I get 1280x768.)
In "~/.xinitrc", I put as the 1st line:
Code Sample
xrandr --output VGA --mode 1280x720_60
(I'm using Debian Testing.
xorg major version is 7.3. xserver major version is 1.4.0. I'm using the "intel" driver with onboard 945G.)

Have fun doing whatever feels right for the moment :D
Posting this from firefox-1.0.8-gtk1 on uClibc.
uClibc is running as a parallel uClibc install in "/opt/uc/" alongside Glibc.
Xorg builds and runs properly too.
Build process has been tested to death and packaged as tarballs. Perhaps with a debootstrapped Sarge chroot, this uClibc system can be mass-produced.

Also, ran into a funny series of events yesterday:
1. Built uClibc with LOCALE but not XLOCALE support (Full GNU compatibility) plus gcc & g++ 3.4.6.
2. Built Gettext -- Failed due to no XLOCALE definitions in uClibc headers.
3. Built uClibc with XLOCALE and dropped it on top of existing uClibc installation.
4. Built Gettext -- Success!
5. Built gcc & g++ 3.4.6 -- Compilation error in libstdc++v3/ due to incompatibility with uClibc headers. Incompatibility caused by turning on XLOCALE...?

If we can get a working uClibc + XLOCALE + Gettext, then we can compile gtk2.
gtk2 requires Gettext support -- Either in the libc (Glibc has it, but not uClibc) or by linking against Gettext's libintl.

Anyway, very happy that firefox is working.
amsn and mplayer are working excellently too.
Using blackbox as the window manager, because I had a compilation error with the latest Fluxbox v1.0.0 -- no time to solve this. Vacation time will be over quickly.

I like Blackbox very much.

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