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Hello everyone.Can anybody make an Captive.dsl to make NTFS partitions writeable ?

With respect ,


PS : I know about MS copyrights .Just make the Captive.dsl without ntfs.sys & ntoskrnl.exe .

I'm working on one for you, but it seems that installing captive (the normal way, not the .dsl way) has overwritten everything in its path...


OK, I've made it...

it's located at

and yes, you will need the microsoft system files...
otherwise you get an error message.

I cant find the captive.dsl on your server  :(

Please , tell me when is ready to download.

With respect ,


PS: Thank you very much for module.

Aah... :P

sorry about that, apparently it didn't actually upload, while it looked like it did...

it's uploading now.

a few things about it:

You have to put ntfs.sys at  /var/lib/captive/ntfs.sys

(I presume that that file is not free...)

also, in /home/dsl there is a file called uninstall-captive

if you run that as root, it will, you guessed it, uninstall captive.
to mount an NTFS partition read-write, type  mount -t captive-ntfs /dev/hdfoo /mnt/hdfoo
where hdfoo is your partition :P

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