myDSL Extensions (deprecated) :: MyDSL Maker working, go to

This is very late, but the MyDSL maker ( it back up and running.  Feel free to use and abuse as I have a hefty new bandwidth limit of 50Gb/mo with a cheap extra gig price.  

Additionally, you can use the site as a mydsl mirror (John, I'm talking to you).  It's a direct copy of ibiblio and kept up to date once weekly.

I cant download  embed-mods.tar.gz.
Can you fix the link?

Uh, frell?  I seem to have lost the file in the site-swap.  I'll have to check if there's a copy on my work compy.
When I download a 330MB ISO, I only receive 1.7MB of it.  This happens every time I attempt to download.  I'm using Firefox 1.0.4 for Windows and a dial-up connection to download the file.
Well, I get a lil bit more than that.  After selecting, I'm suppose to download around 87mb, but ended up with 37mb.
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