myDSL Extensions (deprecated) :: MyDSL with TOR and Privoxy

I've tried ELE, but it's less than complete. I'd like to see something as good as DSL 1.04 with TOR and Privoxy packaged to load on boot.
hell yes -that from "me"
no -that from "dsl crowd"

arrr here it is right off the shelf
read somewhere in the comments
too slow

I honestly don't care about any of that. Tor just makes it possible for a journalist to work in countries that would arrest you for looking at or sending the wrong kind of information or just for being an journalist in their country. I'm not a high school kid trying to find an anonymous way to look at .
I'm sorry I brought it up. I've learned a bit more now and realize I can make my own customized DSL with myDSL. ELE with the .dsl package of OO works perfectly.
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