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Hey folks..

We have survived "Rita" with little or no evidence of a storm,
excepting no gas, no bread, no milk, and lots of traffic
in this little town of 15,000 ..

I have received dozens of new extensions here in Spetember.
Thank you for your contributions to the DSL repository.

Here is my challenge..
Starting in early September, the new policy
for accepting extensions went into effect.  See wiki page here.

Most all of the recent submissions are not including any location
for source of code or binary for me to verify,
in the .info file included with each submission.

This is a very easy fix..
Simply add the location of your source, be it a branch of the
Debian repositories, or some website offering the source code
from which you compiled your extension,
to your included .info file, and resend ( the .info file only)..  
see the wiki for more details.  An example template is provided..

It's really simple to add a few lines in your comments portion
of your .info file to allow me to quickly checksum the sources
from your included location, or verify binaries, in the submissions,
or grab the source, and build/check it. Most extensions I receive
are built from the Debian binaries, from the oldstable or stable branch.

This is for everyone's benefit, and while it's a little extra effort on
everyone's part, it will help to ensure that the many thousands
of DSL users worldwide are not getting tainted or rogue extensions
from the mirrors.



original here.