myDSL Extensions (deprecated) :: My DSL without copy all in memory

Hi!! I found damn small linux and mydsl GREAT!! Now I can track changes on my OS and when I start my computer it is always on the original state!!

I have maked itself some mydsl tar.gz. I have noted that all the content of the archive is copied on the filesystem (ramdisk).

But why copy all? For example the java development kit I have extracted on the same place of mydsl extension. Then I have maked a mydsl extension that simply create a link in opt.

Now I try to make the same with open office.

What do you think about? The only negative think is that the software is not compressed and will required a little more space...



If you have a free linux partition you can boot with the opt=hdXX option and have all the tar.gz and uci extensions installed to that partition
Thank for the suggestion, I will investigate the opt= boot param.

I will mantain all software in separate and indipendently dir.
I have tried with openoffice and work!!

I have downloaded the openoffice tar.gz from mydsl. Then I have
estracted in a separate directory that can on the cdrom or a hdxx.

I have maded a mydsl that at boot make a ln -s from /opt/openoffice to /cdrom/DAVIX/app08_oo/fs/opt/openoffice
and copies all the /cdrom/DAVIX/app08_oo/fs/home on the /home

Then I have runned and all whas OK!! :-))

In this case the boot time is very fast beacuse a link and personal setting are fast. I don't waste my ram with oo bin files! And I have only 256MBRam!

The other good think is that if I remove the app08_oo (my mydsl searches for dir in DAVIX) my system has no more oo so that never is existed!!


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