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where is the usb boot floppy img? I get a download error so it is no longer on the cd...I used the old one from my 2.4 install to usb but I get a kernal panic.

not sure if it is the usb boot floppy or the install

if the image is now downloadable how do I get it to the floppy as dsl auto installed the last...rawrite?

Edit: likely not enough info sorry...
dsl 4.4.3 live ...install to usb thumb...unit does not boot usb...attempted to create boot floppy from menu..dialog error downloading...assume floppy .img is now a download...but cannot locate...assume new boot.img is req as 2.4 boot floppy gives kernal panic

If the boot floppy has not changed then the issue is with the install...2gig retailplus thumb...usb2.0 and possible usb1.0 on the box...p3-600 with 2 plus 4port card

edit..Ok remembered where to look and downloaded 1.5usb.img not sure actually...

edit..I see I am already out of date as there is a 4.4.10 ..likely why no response...will start again

edit: just attempted another boot with another linux thumb and see that it does not boot....think it may be the usb extension cble as this box has no front port...will try pluging direct.

downloaded dsl 4.4.10 is0 and burned fine..flux the look

want on usb thumb..install to usbhd pendrive...installer ask location-sda-yes..additions to grub..vga=normal-just in case...creates two partitions...1 is mydsl...2 is system.. installer disappears...guess it is done

my boxs do not boot dsl2.4 uses a boot floppy and is still great...

downloaded current bootfloppy.img and rawrite to floppy...

I have no idea how to boot dsl from usb useing the floppy..

honestly have been at it so long it is the end.. just on and on...


ok..will not boot floppy now...replace and hit enter
formatted floppys and usb stick...maby next time...thanks for all the help

dsl2.4 on thumb still rocks

Quote (lovdsl @ Jan. 18 2009,07:17)
maby next time...thanks for all the help

dsl2.4 on thumb still rocks

there doesn't seem to be much posting here lately, don't take it personally.

i would be happy to tell you where to find the floppy you want if i knew.

Hi tobiaus
nothing personal..just desire...I love dsl or at least my 2.4 on thumb and play with it frequently...

I was a little dated so decided to update to a newer time permitted .I see a cool mounter was added to fluxbox and I had intended to add wmdrawer and wmix..I dreamed of a button on the drawer that would open the mydsl and allow me to add a new program with another click..think that has actually happened but for the life of me can not boot the thumb.

the installer seems to disappear so I am not sure if it has finished or malfunctioned...seems to have finished as there are two partitions on the thumb...but the second is the system where knoppix resides so the older boot floppy may look on dsa1...thus a kernal panic.. by some default and attempts to guide it to sda2 have failed me..I am uncertain I am useing the correct boot floppy or i f a boot usb is even available..I downloaded the current boot.img and the boot utility...not sure what it is an A: prompt so likely a win thing. I think the boot.img is what I need but previous there was a boot-usb .img in addition...just lost and wondering...

still a great little system and at 50 meg an easy download worth monitoring

yeah i could easily call dsl one of my three favorite distros. it used to be one of my two favorites, and what i wanted was for my other favorite to become more like dsl, (or for dsl to gain much of the ability of my other favorite, through extensions.)

there are two ways i would boot dsl from usb, neither use a floppy, one uses a cd. since both of those methods are useless to you, i would just say use "track this topic" and i hope john (who has not posted since christmas,) will be here soon to determine real plans for dsl's future. until then, i doubt there will be much to see on the forums, other than (hopefully) the occasional answer to your question. but some of us will be here.

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