USB booting :: uncompressed USB install ?


I've just tried doing a USB install. It works great.

However, I'd like to do a DSL install to a usb-flash-drive
as an uncompressed install - in other words, the the same way
that DSL installs to hard-disk.

is this possible? i am sure that you guys have already done this.

Thanks in advance.
PS. DSL should be renamed "KAL" (Kick Ass Linux) !!

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I've given up - its not essential.

I am aware that flash drives aren't designed for frequent
read/write cycles but ....

... my hard drive crashed and being 'frugal' I wanted to use
a usb stick. These things are sooo cheap. Picked one up
for $5 - 2 gig.

appreciate the advice,
err about the women I better cruise the Mandriva forums :-)

Thanks again - greatly appreciate the input.

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