USB booting :: USB boot how to disable floppy drive check?

Hi all,

I want to modify DSL 4.4.10 so that it permanently NEVER checks for a floppy disk drive.

I know part of the answer to this question - I need to edit /etc/modules.conf (or /etc/modprove.conf ) and add in:

alias block-major-2 off

but as I'm using a LIVE USB install, where do I find the /ETC/ directory please?

Is it in the compressed KNOPPIX file?

If so, is there any way to uncompress this file so I can make the permanent change please?

Many thanks for any help,

there is a "dsl nofloppy" boot option.
Quote (humpty @ June 15 2009,11:27)
"there is a "dsl nofloppy" boot option."

"there is a "dsl nofloppy" boot option."

Hi Humpty,

that does not appear to be a valid boot option for DSL 4.4.10

from google searching I think I need to add the following to /etc/modules.conf

'alias block-major-2 floppy'

so that DSL will not search for the floppy on bootup.

However, as I'm using a USB boot - how do I remaster the compressed KNOPPIX file so I can make the change and then save it please?

I'm using ubuntu 6.something and I haven't been able to successfully compile the cloop module, so is there another way to do it without cloop please?

thank you in advance,

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