USB booting :: USB boot compatability list

I want to try to grow a comprehensive list of computers who's bios support booting from a USB device.

Here is the list I have so far:
Epia 5000
Epia ME6000
Epia 800
Epia 10000 C3

Microtel (Wallmart) PCs running Phoenix AwardBIOS on a VIA board -- have to enable USB keyboard recognition

All the above boot a pen drive fine recognized as a USB-ZIP drive.

What else have you guys had success with?

(lets keep this thread for successful attempts only please)

The following computers have successfully booted using a Sandisk Micro 128MB USB device that was formatted using the Dell Memory Key utility to first boot FreeDOS and then launch DSL via the DOS "loadlin program":

Dell Poweredge 400SC (OEM version of the Intel 875PZD motherboard).
Dell Optiplex GX260 with latest BIOS (A05?) the original A02 BIOS did NOT boot properly from USB.
Dell Optiplex GX270 with default (fairly recent) BIOS

Important notes worth mentioning:

BIOS settings:

"Hard-Disk Drive Sequence"
1   USB Device
2   System BIOS Boot Devices

"Boot Sequence"
1   Diskette
3   Hard Drive

LegacySelect Options:
"USB Keyboard emulation"

"Fast Boot"

And finally:

Unplug any other USB mass storage devices besides your desired boot device (extra external USB CDRW or external USB hard drive).

If your USB device light does not turn ON by the time the POST progress bar reaches 100%, your boot will fail.  Sometimes you can give it a second attempt by quickly pressing CTL-ALT-DEL and your computer will reboot and the USB device will light up sooner and then it will boot properly from the USB device.

The Kingston Travelmate 2.0 is working excellent!

I ve the 128 mb version and its working on dell laptops, futjise siemens laptops and dell workstations. and the p4s533 board.

happy dsling :)

ps: my transcend stick dont want to boot perhaps becaus its a sponsored one from microsoft :)

HP EVO 230, need to start in failsafe.
HP EVO 330, straight through.

Lots of old compaq stuff using the usb boot floppy with usb key.

Used a SanDisk Titanium 512, very quick :-)

USB drive=GENX 256mb microdrive
PC=MSI mobo self built.amd2400,
Bios set to boot usb hdd

running smoothly so far.writing this using dsl on the usb drive!

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