DSL Embedded :: Xorg?

Hi, im bsically new to linux, im trying to flix the switch slowly. So i've tried to put DSL on my old p1 laptop (syslinux, boot from hd) (give it a second live) but I can only boot in Failsafe and select a resolution of 640x480 in 4bit, anything else cause the laptop to make a greenscreen and never boot.
I've tried puppy linux, and it appear I can boot with Xorg at 1024x768 witch is nice.

My laptop is a Thinkpad 760ED with 2mb of videoram i Beleive. (133mhz, 65mb ram, 2GB hd to be replaced with 512mb CF)

Would compiling Xorg for DSL be a good choice?
I've found a guide on google, but it seems rather complexe since I've never compiled anything on linux (im noob)

xorg72 (and XFree86) is available as a mydsl extension in the testing section.
It's a Trident chip, so you could also try Xtrident.tar.gz from testing, since it's a way smaller download and probably easier to set up.
Is there any quick instructiomns I could follow to get it working? I'm using the Embedded package though.
No matter where the files came from, they are the same. So your current install is pretty much a frugal one.

So, after getting the extension loaded, open up .xserverrc (a hidden file) in your favorite editor, and change "/usr/whatever/Xvesa" to "/opt/bin/Xtrident" (leave the options after the path there).
Then just get out of X (exit to prompt) and type startx to get the new X server.

For backup & persistence (saving settings) check the wiki.

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