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I downloaded dsl 4.2.5 Embedded and did a harddisk install under VMWare.

The idea is to set DSL up as an NFS server for my Embedded ARM board. (since I can't find a free windows NFS server :angry: )

According to the /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server I need;

None of these files are present on my system.

Can I still setup my DSL as an NFS server without these files? I think not...

See the nfs-kernel-server.dsl extension in Testing category, it includes just those files to let you run a NFS server.
I got the nfs-kernel-server.dsl from


Working fine now!

Thanks Curaga! :)

Quote (Xilinx @ Nov. 17 2008,14:02)
(since I can't find a free windows NFS server :angry: )

Side note: free as in open-source or free as in no cost to use?

If the latter, MS's solution is there... see SFU (windows services for unix)

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