DSL Embedded :: Mounting USB Drive running qemu


I'm currently running qemu off a USB drive and I am having trouble how to mount the USB drive so that I can save files/create folders/save my dsl settings to it. I know some basic commands and I've attempted to do the steps suggested in the FAQ for mounting a USB Drive but not having much luck. I'm kind of a novice to linux but have a good grasp of some of the common command so any help would be appreciated.


normally qemu doesn't support real physical drives.
i think you have to access it via some sort of shared network connection.

although i also heard the new qemu-manager might be able to do it (http://www.davereyn.co.uk/download.htm) - but is experimental.

i think most people using qemu would create a virtual drive (i.e a file pretending to be a drive). and now i remember why
i gave up - because virtual drives aren't that portable to other

original here.