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I came across this petition and encourage all gamers and Linux users to sign it. Maybe with enough support we can change the minds of game developers to include native Linux support for games. Even if you are not a gamer, keep in mind that support for commercial games in Linux is a big barrier for adoption by many users. Your support is also welcome.

I think that would be totally awsome!
From the site:

Petition Demands
1 I would like to see a much larger increase in linux native games (Battlefield 2, RTW) from the games manufacturers (DICE/EA Games)
2 I support linux and linux gaming
3 Increase in support for 3rd partly applications such as wine
4 I want to game on linux

I would sign this, except for number 3. Demanding that wine increase support isn't right. They are an open source project doing the best they can. Or did you mean that game companies should increase their support and docs for running their games in linux using wine? Kind of like demand #1 except without the "native"? I'd support that.

2 and 4 are kind of weird for petition demands.


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3. Demanding that wine increase support isn't right.

As I read it, it looks like a request for game developers to increase support for Wine, rather than the other way around.  Even with Wine installed, many Windows games still have problems, or do not work at all.

In any case, I don't think it's worthwhile to put in too much extra effort to support Wine when that effort could be better spent working on native Linux binaries. Some have already done that and have been tremendously successful..the Unreal engine, for example, works beautifully in Linux

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