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Anyone know if you can run frobTADS 0.6 in dsl? For development and/or compiled games, but especially development.
pbnj, I was able to get dsl to compile the sources for frobtads-0.6.tar.gz and t3comp.tar.gz using the gcc1-with-libs extension, but I was only able to play TADS2 files, TADS3 files gave me a segmentation fault when I tried to run them.
Thanks, clacker!

BTW, here's some info on the segfault, from the frobtads developer. Haven't gotten far enough to know if this is helpful for dsl and the problems you had...

> I was able to compile the entire kit and kaboodle on Windows through
> Cygwin, using gcc 3.4.4. frob.exe works great - but t3make dies with a
> segmentation fault whenever I try to use it to compile the sample (or
> Eric Eve's Heidi version, for the record). It appears to get to the
> end, but then conks out:
> link -> sample.t3p
> preinit -> sample.t3
> /bin/sh: line 1: 1408 Segmentation fault (core dumped)

That's the (by now) infamous "Strict Aliasing Bug™". It's not
Cygwin's fault; same thing happens with MinGW, and in general any other
GCC compiler (even under Linux). This is mentioned in the INSTALL file.
In general, when using GCC to compile, one should configure like this:

configure CXXFLAGS="[other flags] -fno-strict-aliasing"

The problem is not FrobTADS-specific. It seems G++ produces buggy
machine code with compiling the T3VM. I don't think that this will get
"fixed" in the basecode, as no one is actually sure what's causing the
problem. If some part of the T3VM violates C++ aliasing rules, then the
problem is with the T3VM, not GCC. No one can tell if this is the case

pbnj, that was the problem! After following your suggestion, I was able to get it to compile and run correctly.  I have created a frobtads.uci file that I am submitting as an extension.  That -fno-strict-aliasing is great to know about.  I read the README but I didn't look at the INSTALL file in the docs folder.
I forgot to mention that the frobtads.uci contains the compilers for TADS 2 and 3 files.

I also submitted a package with the inform compiler, library, ztools, and the xfrotz player.  So now people will be able to compile and play inform 6 files as well as TADS 2 & 3 files in DSL.

Now if they only made inform 7 for linux.  That is the best interactive fiction system ever.  I'm a huge fan of prolog and rule based languages, and that's how inform 7 is structured.  Unfortunately, Inform 7 requires Internet Explorer so it doesn't work natively in Linux.

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