Games :: zSNES error thing

Hope this is the correct board. :0

I'm completely new to Linux, so bear with me.  :;):

I'm running DSL on an 477 Mhz Celeron with 90mb of RAM and an 8 gb Ati Voodoo card. (Something ancient like that). Everything is working great, I installed to HD recently. (I know, frugal is better, but I was confuzzled), and yea, it rocks.

Now to my actual question. I downloaded some games and apps off  of the myDSL site, and transferred them onto my Linux comp via
USB (I do not have internet on that one...). Among the games I got were zSNES (the main thing I want to run), Quake II, and some other games. When I try to run them, the emelfm (file thingy) gives me an error that says it can not find a file called "" or something like that. (I'll verify that right now and edit...) I was wondering how I would obtain that file, or if I botched something during the installation.

If someone could give me a step by step on how to fix this. That would be awesome. Thanks!

"8 gb Ati Voodoo card" hehe...

libgl is for opengl ... included in the XFree86.* extensions.

So where do I obtain these said "Xfree86" extensions? :rock:
See mydsl.

original here.